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Asset / Supply Chain Management

Thinking supply chain is just a start. To attain your business goals and succeed using supply chain, you need a partner with solutions.  We, at CTS, are your partners that can provide you with full-support solutions and stand by you to ensure that our solutions will deliver maximum value to your organization and enhance your performance with NO investment in hardware and infrastructure.

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Financial Management Services

In the competitive world of financial sector, we can provide you with sophisticated models, solutions, and analysis to lower the cost of financing to businesses throughout the supply chain, while reducing credit risk, processing costs, and increasing lending opportunities.

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Business Intelligence

With globalization and technological innovations along with competition, businesses have grown more complex in terms of their product offerings. The more complex your business gets into, the more complex is your supply chain. You need a tool/software to generate the details for good decision making to result in an efficient supply chain.

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Buying Group Solutions

CTS Suite of Business Applications and Business Portals for Program Groups enables Seamless and Secure Commerce between Group Members, Approved Vendors as well as for its National Account Customers. CTS has extensive domain experience in Program Group Business Solutions, and has developed and deployed its Applications in the for several program groups in the Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Bath Kitchen and Hardware Industries

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Spend Management

CTS Ariba Integrator enables the integration between Ariba Supplier Network buyers and supplier. It lets suppliers create orders from Ariba, edit existing Ariba order and complete transactions with purchase orders. It can also provide functionality for you to upload your catalog to Ariba.

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Data Warehouse with Complete ETL Integration

CTS decision support services include an inventory management system for optimizing service levels and return on investment. This system has a highly sophisticated Order Point generation process that has been developed over the last 15 years within a Multi-facility environment. The system is propelled by the parameters you establish or by our proven models.

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Business Portals

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