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Marketing that Matters.
Unlike traditional marketing platforms that focus success metrics oncost-per-click or website traffic, we’ve combined the best of automated marketing systems with meaningful analytics into a single platform that uses revenue to measure results.
Build Your Customized Campaign.
Lead2Rev helps you customize your email campaigns to ensure your message, products, and brand speak directly to your customers’ needs. Using our templates makes crafting your marketing campaign easier than ever.
Find Your Rhythm & Maximize Your Results.
Creating customized user journeys is essential to converting leads into sales, as well as creating a loyal customer base that advocates for you. Use our built-in Rhythms function to create automated campaign journeys and workflows that offer meaningful touchpoints to ensure the highest level of engagement with leads and customers.
Measure Results in Revenue Earned.
If marketing is essential to your bottom line, Lead2Rev can help you maximize your resources. Lead2Rev offers metrics that go beyond cost-per-click and website traffic to show you direct sales resulting from your campaigns — including open rates, clicks, products sold and revenue earned from an individual campaign. Get instant insights into what’s working to continuously build upon your success.

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