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RYI-Revenue Yield Through Inventory

Think Revenue. Think Increased Cash Flow. Think Enhanced Earnings. Think RYI.

Would you like to increase your Revenue, Revenue Level and increase your Profit at the same time?

Some of the Benefits of RYI include:

• Customize Site Analysis – a commitment to thorough involvement in every step of the partnership.
• Guaranteed Service Level: 95% Service level for both Manufacturers and Distributors increasing throughput and revenue.
• Optimal Inventory Placement – expertly calculated order pointes and global product positioning.
• Finely-tuned Replenishment Orders – tailored to the Guaranteed Service Level and Revenue Objectives.
• Automated Customer Replenishment of Orders-control of customer orders based on advanced forecast
• Increased Customer Retention – reducing vendor line changeovers, loss of business, and all associated costs.

What if there existed an equation for the handling of your products that ensured higher sales, improved customer retention, and excellence in efficiency?

What if you were guaranteed a minimum of a 95% service level and profitable increase?

What if someone intimately studied your products movement and sales history and could accurate] forecast the behavior of sales, even predicting you customers’ need before they realized it themselves?

Wouldn’t it ease your mind to know that your inventory was being valued and handled by experts who invested as much in your company as you do? Custom Technology Solutions is ready to welcome you into the next level of Smart Business: Revenue Yield through Inventory, or RYI.

With the sophistication of RYI, we pledge to study your assets from inception, handle them protectively, and invest in their destined growth. We offer you a chance to liberate your company from the inefficiencies and indifference of the current supply chain model, and succeed in multiplying your and your customer’s financial growth.

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