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The American pharmaceutical market is the largest in the world, growing day by day. In this productive market, combating the growing problem of counterfeit drugs is a top priority for both regulators and those competing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Your supply chain does not have to rely on an inefficient, imperfect, mostly manual process of tracking drug pedigrees, requiring significant effort from the various supply chain participants to maintain a complete record.

CTS electronic pedigree enhances pharmaceutical supply chain security and is easy and fast to implement and delivers the lowest total cost of pedigree management.

The Benefits of Electronic Pedigree:
• Complete electronic tracking and documentation from manufacturer to supplier to end-user
• Secure electronic portal for management, tracking and e-pedigree for all transacted drugs
• Compliant with federal and state regulations
• Counterfeit Prevention
• High level of Accuracy
• Guarantee compliance
• Protect Brand Value
• Increase patient safety
• Faster, more accurate shipping and receiving
• Lower Labor & Inventory Costs
• Enhance operational efficiency

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