Office Supplies

A major selling point for many businesses is the speed and accuracy with which they deliver the product to their customers.

Our supply chain solution is designed to help businesses reduce costs and improve both margins and efficiency.  We help to meet each customer’s delivery requirements while at the same time, increasing stock returns, optimizing inventory and managing stock replenishment. We support these challenges by managing the underlying processes and providing forecasts and analysis.

We have designed a set of strategic rules for inventory management to govern various issues.  We have an array of forecasting and analysis information tailored to each client needs.

We provide our expertise on:

• Inventory Management
• Forecasting
• Demand Planning
• Procurement
• Profitability Management

Our team of experts works with you to provide business intelligence solutions through various components:

• Executive Information System
• Analytics
• Data Warehousing decision support system
• Sales management decision support
• Central hub for data networks and web hosting

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