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Rebate Management

As rebate programs vary significantly from business to business across various industries, CTS Rebate Management System is customer made to suit each organization. The system uses proprietary software to track all data, define rebates for individual customer or groups of multiple customers to their Vendor and adjust rebate rate across the board depending on the set criteria.
CTS rebate Management System provides customers with an efficient and paperless solution to handle the rebates. It simplifies the procedure of handling rebates by automating the process.
The system helps you calculate and run various rebate reports with one click of a button at the end of the month, quarterly or the period you choose within minutes. The reports are automatically populated with all the required information and the dollar amount immediately upon data entry.
The system greatly reduces your rebate dollars float and saves a substantial amount of time.

• Online Analysis / Reporting
• National Accounts Analysis
• Consolidated Billing – Reporting – Sales Analysis – Location
• Specify Rebate bye Product or Group
• Vendor Rebate Reporting
• EDI Transmission to and from all business partners

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