Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturers, Retailers, and Wholesalers continue to struggle with finding the optimal inventory placement across their global supply chains to drive a significant reduction in operating costs.

CTS can help clients with our expertise on various fields pertaining to specific industry.  We provide our solutions, analysis, modules, and support through out the supply chain process.   Supply chain management and the strategies applied are the key for your success.   Our clients have benefited from increase in operating cash flows, Optimized working capital, increased turns and customer service levels along with meeting their revenue goals.

Our supply chain solutions involving Inventory management, Forecasting, Demand planning, Procurement, and Profitability management can help your business by using on demand technologies to increase accuracy, improve flexibility, and bottom line increase cost efficiency.

We provide our custom designed services on various fields including Inventory optimization, Inventory redistribution, RTV process, Business intelligence, Web services, Data base administration, and Application development to each industry needs.

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