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Financial Management Services

In the competitive world of financial sector, we can provide you with sophisticated models, solutions, and analysis to lower the cost of financing to businesses throughout the supply chain, while reducing credit risk, processing costs, and increasing lending opportunities.

With our forecasting, demand planning, inventory management, profitability management tools, we can assist you in your business to leverage your strength as providers of liquidity, trust and financial settlement services by integrating as true business partners.

The advantages include:

• Processing cost reduction and Increase in Efficiency – Our solutions enable you to meet client needs more effectively at lower cost.  Access to information is automated and real-time, thus improving the quality of information and reducing administrative time associated with monitoring the relationship.

• Increase in Lending opportunities and Profitability improvement – We deliver significant and immediate competitive advantages to deliver on-demand, and transaction specific financial services to clients with our consulting and due diligence support services.

• Increase in Revenue – Our valuation technique and ideas provide you the potential for greater revenue from the existing and possible additional new clients.

M&A Analysis

Mergers and acquisitions are a key element of many firms’ strategies to maximize value and create sustainable competitive advantage.

It is indeed a value-added strategy, but without the RIGHT strategy, many mergers fail.

At CTS, we have designed an effective planning for M & A activity that offers strategies to improve your odds for success.

Identifying the right targets
• Due diligence (commercial, financial, legal, environmental, management)
• Vendor due diligence
• The auction process
• Analyzing the corporate structure of a target company
• Track record of target company
• Consequences of qualified audit reports

Perform different Valuation techniques

• Cost of Capital (WACC, CAPM)
• Discounted cash flow techniques (NPV, IPR)
• Identify relevant costs, impact of tax
• Asset Valuation
• Earnings related ratios
• Impact of Synergy

Asset-Based Loan & Collateral Analysis

Asset based loan and Collateral analysis offers many advantages for companies with large asset bases and smaller operating margins.  Valuing, monitoring and controlling collateral, as well as establishing auditing and reporting routines, are the fundamentals of asset-based finance.   The quality of the collateral becomes pre-eminent in determining the creditworthiness of the customer.

CTS provides operational performance improvement consulting, strategic execution leadership and due diligence support services for owners, investors and lenders.

CTS uses a proprietary business intelligence software that electronically extracts company’s transactional data and converts it to a knowledge based decision support system for collateral performance assessment and risk mitigation.  By combining technology with years of operating experience, we provide clients with a platform for making more informed decisions.

We provide a level of visibility to monitor the collateral during the various stages of processing between signing a term sheet and loan execution.

• Provide performance based stratification of collateral inventory that reveals various levels of risk
• Threshold monitoring based on assigned KPI’s
• Provide warning signals for collateral degradation trends
• Provide exception based reporting that signal covenant violations
• On-line analytic tools for the short-or-long term basis to proactively look at corporate health relative to inventory management and profitability

Working Capital Optimization

Is your cash unnecessarily tied up in working capital in the form of vendor payables paid too early, excess-inventory, and in-efficient supply chain management?

We at CTS, by implementing best practices based on the state of the art forecasting system, and knowledge have developed strategies for working capital optimization that can help reduce the annual operating capital and cost.

Working capital optimization can yield real gains both from an Income statement EBITDA, and Balance sheet perspective.

In the world of brisk business environment, CTS’s strategies can help determine optimum working capital level along with inventory and supply chain optimization and efficient suppliers and vendors.

Working capital optimization service offerings can create tangible financial results for the clients.

The few key financial processes are:

• Inventory Optimization
• Inventory Redistribution
• RTV Process
• Accounts Payable analysis
• Financial analysis

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