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CTS BI-Sight Business Intelligence

With globalization and technological innovations along with competition, businesses have grown more complex in terms of their product offerings. The more complex your business

gets into, the more complex is your supply chain. You need a tool/software to generate the details for good decision making to result in an efficient supply chain.

CTS uses a proprietary business intelligence software that electronically extracts company’s transactional data and converts it to a knowledge based decision support system for performance assessment and risk mitigation. This enables businesses to develop unique demand, supply, operational, and customer insights. By combining technology with years of operating experience, We provide clients with a platform in the areas of Executive Information System (EIS), Analytic, Data warehousing decision support system, and Sales management decision support for making more informed decisions.

Business intelligence systems can be used to optimize order quantities, pool suppliers, and minimize materials inventory. Cost control measures can also be applied to lower down the supply chain, to manage distribution and delivery logistics. We can help identify the moneymakers of your supply chain with our analysis.

CTS Business intelligence solutions can help identify the fine line of inventory level, above which holding becomes costly, or below which ends with product shortage. Business intelligence techniques used for inventory control include complicated cost-value equations and historical and forecast analysis.

Our business intelligence services can determine whether your supply chain is equipped to maintain uninterrupted supply of products and manage distribution of finished goods at the lowest cost possible. We will work with you to determine the right balance and provide recommendations to manage supply and distribution effectively.

As a result, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain, thus maximizing your profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

• Executive Information System (EIS)
• Analytics
• Data Warehousing Decision Support System ?
• Sales Management Decision Support
• Financial Cast-P&L Management

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