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About Custom Technology Solutions, LLC

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]CTS is a complete IT Services Company which utilizes the Software as a Service (SaaS) concept to deliver complete support with a full Data Warehouse system that provides business critical information for decision support.

CTS and SaaS  – CTS provides a comprehensive Tier-1 supply chain solution to its clients utilizing SaaS where no up front investment in hardware and software is required. CTS’ concept of providing complete IT Services is based on delivering measurable, tangible financial benefits to its clients from both balance sheet and EBITDA perspective.

CTS delivers solutions across industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Entertainment, Office Supplies, Bath & Kitchen, Retail & Wholesale, and Distribution & Logistics.

CTS is also a supply chain management consulting company that helps clients restructure and redesign their supply chain management providing the vital solution

At CTS, enhancing client performance by powerful tools and solutions is the number one priority. We support our clients in designing optimum strategies for growth, and deliver innovative solutions that improve business performance.  In working to improve client’s logistical effectiveness, we simultaneously reduce operational expenditure. We develop a customized solution to help clients manage their complete supply chain process and ensure successful implementation.

The new CTS Oracle based system provides open connectivity and integration to all management systems and has proven it’s value and effective through the experience gained by providing full business MIS services for several distributive, manufacturing, and retail companies. The combination of world-class Infrastructure, experience, customer-centric processes and best practices allows us to extend highest-quality services to our clients.


Our Mission Statement


“At CTS, our mission is to dedicate talent & knowledge to help clients achieve success effectively and efficiently.”

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