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With our professional knowledge, industry experience, and partnership approach, CTS can provide full-support solutions that helps growth, costs less, profitability, and create value to customers.  Our custom designed solutions pertaining to each client needs focuses in the area of supply chain solutions, financial services, business intelligence, profitability management, web services, and database administration.

CTS can provide solutions and tools specifically designed to your needs to transform traditional paper based processes to electronic document flows with minimum resources.

The company specific solutions Portal will allow your company to secure connectivity between members and vendors through a Central Portal for:

• Electronic purchase orders
• Advance shipping notifications
• Electronic invoicing
• Payment tracking
• Rebate Management and more

Our supply chain solution can help your business by using digital and on demand technologies to increase the accuracy of demand planning, improve the flexibility and cost structure.

Our technical capabilities and knowledge used in the state of the art forecasting methods, demand planning, procurement, inventory management, business solutions, and profitability management allow you to achieve important business benefits, including profitability, flexibility, enhanced security, cost reduction and customer loyalty.

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