Client Testimonials

“The CTS solution has brought tremendous operational and financial efficiencies to our supply chain management and indeed to our overall procurement process as well. The VMI solution has greatly enhanced our vendor relations by facilitating our mutual abilities to conduct business in an efficient and effective manner.

From our vantage point, CTS is a definite recommendation…”

Kevin Milligan

Vice President, Virgin Entertainment Group

“The CTS system truly delivers an effective and powerful business tool for inventory management and forecasting. We are extremely pleased to have chosen CTS, their focus on execution coupled with their impressive technology and business skills make them … A definite recommendation.”

Bruce Greenbaum

CEO, UltraPro LP

“This is indeed a very powerful tool that can bring real financial benefits in a reasonably short period of time. We have been able to pro actively right-size our inventory while increasing our service level by utilizing the CTS system.

The most compelling immediate financial benefit is the identification of $2.0 million of excess slow-moving inventory which we are in the process of converting to saleable merchandise. By the end of September we have converted $500,000 with the balance to be converted by the first quarter of this year.

We believe we have a ‘Fortune 100’ system at a price available for a small to mid-size distributor.”

Fred Myers

CEO, One Stop Parts Source

“Results from our two-year use of CTS solution have been nothing less than revolutionary. While we have reduced our average inventory investment per location, we have realized better service levels. That benefits us and our customers.

The virtual redistribution system in combination with advanced forecasting capabilities enabled XL Parts to affect $3.2 million in inventory, while the advanced forecasting and order point management system assisted in the procurement and deployment of the right inventory at the right location.”

Ali Attayi

CEO, XL Parts

“The CTS system provides sophisticated and practical processes for intelligently interpreting the inventory and sales data we collect from our members. We need the results the CTS business applications will deliver – that is knowledge-based information that will support our decision-making process, and to form the basis of our supply chain solutions.”

Bill Maggs

President, National Pronto Association

“We are extremely happy with our choice of CTS as our Information Technology partner. We have been impressed by CTS’s understanding of the aftermarket supply business solutions. Their focus on detail and excellent project management is a definite plus…together with timely systems implementation.”

Bill Burns

Executive Vice President, IWD – Autopride/Truckpride

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